Lampwork Glass Beads,each lovingly individually handcrafted in the USA. Focal Beads, Bead Sets, Lentil Bead Sets, Animal Beads...Horse beads, Dog Beads,Cat Beads, Bird Beads, Fish Beads and more.

Most beads are made when ordered although some -as stated in the description- are already made and ready to go. Please check each individual bead for this information. All bead orders are filled as quickly as possible and made as close to the original as possible. This allows for many color choices and sizes or special order products. :-)

Beads can also be strung on a cord for you so it's ready to wear or give as a gift. Cotton cord in a variety of colors is available and can be done at no extra charge for most orders.

Monthly Specials For September

Small Illusions1
$8.00  $3.99
Save: 50% off
Black n Peri Scroll
$48.00  $34.95
Save: 27% off
Purple n Black Dichroic (Made to Order)
$32.00  $22.00
Save: 31% off
Chestnut Horse Set of 6
$42.00  $33.50
Save: 20% off
Ebony Horse Set of 5
$33.00  $33.00
Save: 0% off
Lavender Dreams
$8.00  $8.00
Save: 0% off
Sapphire Twist Set
$18.00  $18.00
Save: 0% off
Chestnut Horse Set "Blaze"
$40.00  $40.00
Save: 0% off
Red Duo Set
$6.75  $6.75
Save: 0% off
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